GeoIP Site License Overview

This is a summary of the GeoIP site license. Please refer to the complete end-user license agreement to see all rights and restrictions.

Please contact if you have any questions or require licensing terms not provided by the end-user license agreement.

Usage Rights

The site license permits you to:

  • Install and use multiple copies of GeoIP databases on multiple computers as long as all computers are only accessible by your company.
  • Query locally installed databases an unlimited number of times, provided that computers outside your company cannot query the databases.
  • Use the GeoIP data to provide IP geolocation functionality to applications used only within your company.

Usage Restrictions

  • The rights of site license and data may not be re-assigned, resold, or made available to any third parties without MaxMind's written consent.
  • Access to the data is restricted to employees and contractors of the license holder. With contractors, the license holder is liable should the contractors violate the terms of the agreement.
  • Data may not be stored in a way that is publicly accessible.
  • You may not use the databases to develop a derivative product for sale, distribution, display to, or use by others outside your company. Derivatives of the databases are allowed but only for use within your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

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