GeoIP2 Omni Web Service

Product Summary: The GeoIP2 Omni Web Service provides a wide range of location and other data associated with IP addresses, and returns accuracy and confidence factors that can enhance your use of the data.

GeoIP2 Omni lookups never expire, and there is no time limit to when you can use the lookups. Sample usage scripts.

Web Service or Batch Lookup: $20 per 10,000 lookups. No software or databases to install. More Information


Product Features

  • Includes the following fields: ( Technical Details )
    • Continent
    • Country
    • Region Subdivisions
    • City Name
    • Postal Code
    • Latitude (The latitude and longitude are near the center of the most granular location value returned: postal code, city, region, or country)
    • Longitude
    • Metro Code (US only)
    • Time zone
    • ISP Name
    • Organization or ISP
    • Domain Name
    • Anonymous Proxy Flag
    • Satellite ISP Flag
    • Autonomous System Number
    • Autonomous System Organization
    • User Type (Including cellular connection identification)
    • Accuracy Radius
    • Country Confidence Factor
    • City Confidence Factor
    • Region Confidence Factor
    • Postal Code Confidence Factor
    • GeoNames IDs (for localization and pairing outside data; GeoIP2 only)
    • Error