Telephone Verification APIs

MaxMind may discontinue the Telephone Verification service at a future date to be determined. We will post further details here once we have set the discontinuation date.

We offer open source PHP, Java and Perl APIs for automated access to the Telephone Verification service. The APIs are bundled with the minFraud APIs.

To obtain a license key, you would need to purchase credits. If you already have an account, the license key may be obtained from the my license key webpage.

osCommerce Contribution

To use Telephone Verification from osCommerce, see Order Validation by Automated Phone Call, contributed by Monstronix.

This mod will enable you to specify the dollar amount minimum at which a customer will be contacted by MaxMind's automated telephone validation system. The customer will be instructed in the checkout_payment page that they must enter a phone number at which they will be contacted. The customer will be given a random, 4-digit code by the automated phone call. They will have to enter this random 4-digit code in the Order Confirmation page in order to complete the order.

Other Contributions

Brian Repetti has posted an ASP script to call Telephone Verification.