GeoIP2 Beta Information

MaxMind is pleased to announce that the GeoLite2 City and Country database CSVs are available for testing.

GeoIP2 Country and City MaxMindDB binary-format databases are fully released, as are the GeoIP2 Web Services and GeoIP2 JavaScript API are also available.

GeoIP2 data and APIs include several important improvements over GeoIP Legacy data and APIs, which you can read about on the What's New in GeoIP2 page for developers.

GeoIP2 Precision Web Services Feature Improved Accuracy

The GeoIP2 Precision City and Omni Web Services return more accurate data than their GeoIP Legacy counterparts. Tests show GeoIP2 data accurately geolocates 3% more IPs to cities and 5% more IPs to postal codes than GeoIP Legacy data.

How to Access GeoLite2 Databases and Client APIs

GeoLite2 Country and City CSVs are available for beta testing. Please send any comments and feedback to

The GeoLite2 City and Country databases may be used with the GeoIP2 Client APIs.

Please Provide Feedback

Suggestions, criticisms, and questions are welcome. Please email them to

Release Schedule

GeoIP2 Country and City database CSVs will be made available in later 2014.