Free World Cities Database

製品要約: Includes city, region, country, latitude and longitude. This product doesn't contain any IP addresses. It's simply a listing of all the cities in the world. For IP to city mappings, see our MaxMind City product.

This product is now a free download [33 MB]. The database will be updated about once per year, since the city data doesn't change that frequently. [license]

Please note: This database contains duplicate and incorrect entries. It is provided as-is, and we are unable to provide support for it. For a cleaner database, try GeoNames, but they may lack some cities included in our data.


  • 次の各フィールドが含まれます: ( 技術的詳細 )
    • 国コード
    • ASCII City Name
    • 都市名
    • 地域
    • Population
    • 緯度 (緯度と経度は返される値の最小区分のほぼ中心: 郵便コード、市、地域、または国)
    • 経度