Telephone Verification

MaxMind may discontinue the Telephone Verification service at a future date to be determined. We will post further details here once we have set the discontinuation date.

Telephone Verification service is another tool that MaxMind provides as a way to combat the growing threat of online fraud. With MaxMind services, verification through the telephone is automated thus saving you time and money without giving up protection. Our telephone verification ensures that your customers provide you with a working, traceable telephone number. As a result, fraudsters are less likely to target your business.

The whole process is automated for the merchant and easy to complete for customers. We provide an HTTP interface along with PHP, Java and Perl APIs that can be called from a computer program.

How Telephone Verification works:

  1. Online business seeks online customer verification. Payment process awaiting telephone verification.
  2. Robotic call generated to number provided by customer.
  3. A random 4-digit numeric code is given to customer via telephone.
  4. Customer enters the security code onto website.
  5. If code matches, payment process is allowed to proceed. (Try the online demo)

Rates within the US are $0.20 per call. For rates to other countries, please see pricing page.

Telephone Verification via SMS

The Telephone Verification service can also be used via SMS in addition to voice. However, this is not a service MaxMind offers. Visit our phone verification partner TeleSign's website where you will be able to either complete a form to learn more or sign up with a separate account with them to use the Telephone Verification service via SMS.