GeoIP2 Web Services

IP Intelligence As A Service

Get geolocation and other information associated with an IP address plus proxy detection through easy-to-use APIs.

You may use the GeoIP2 web services in your commercial product or application without the need for additional licensing. Purchase credit below and pay as you go.

Our Most Accurate Data

Our web services provide our most accurate geolocation data, providing an exact match for 5% more IPs on a postal code level and 2% more IPs on a city level (in the United States), compared to our database products. Our City Plus and Insights services also identify the organization associated with a business IP in 10% more instances. Visit our accuracy page for more information.

Exclusive Data

The GeoIP2 Insights web service returns data not available in our standard database offerings, including anonymizer type and status (e.g. public proxy, residential proxy, VPN, TOR exit node, hosting/data center), User Type (e.g. business, residential, traveler, government, etc.), as well as demographics data (average income, and population density) for the US.

Low Latency, High Availability

We've had 99.99% uptime for our web services since January 2010, and we have servers located in Oregon, Virginia, London, and Singapore for redundancy and faster response times.

Insights City Plus Country
Anonymizer Type
Static IP Score
User Count
User Type
Confidence Factors
Average Income (US Only)
Population Density (US Only)
Postal Code
Approximate Latitude/Longitude*
Time Zone
Metro Code (US only)
Mobile Country Code / Mobile Network Code
AS Number & Organization
Accuracy Radius (km)
EU Country
Registered Country
EU Registered Country
Represented Country
Localized Names
Price $0.002 per query** $0.0003 per query** $0.0001 per query**
More Info More Info More Info

* The coordinates are not precise and should not be used to identify a particular street address or household. To better represent a level of accuracy, please include the Accuracy Radius (km) when displaying latitude and longitude and make it clear that the coordinates refer to a larger geographical area instead of a precise location.

** Discounts available for volume at the $2,500/month or higher level. Please contact to discuss.