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minFraud Factors

Fine-tune your fraud detection with minFraud Factors

minFraud Factors provides detail on the specific components used to determine the riskScore. These subscores provide insight into how we arrived at a riskScore for a given transaction.

  • Refine your fraud detection practices by using minFraud Factors to identify patterns of fraud specific to your business.
  • Use subscores to define rules and disposition transactions, or as part of internal risk modeling.
  • Get more data to improve manual review.

Each subscore gives you a numerical assessment of the risk associated with that factor, based on the analysis of historical transactions across the minFraud Network and other relevant data provided as part of the query.

In addition to the subscores, minFraud Factors includes all of the data provided by minFraud Insights.

The minFraud Factors service returns the following subscores for a given transaction. Note that subscores are dependent on the inclusion of specific inputs as part of the query. For example, the chargeback subscore requires submission of chargeback data.

A subscore has a value in the range of 0.01 to 99.

minFraud Factors subscores

Subscore Risk assessment factor
AVS Address verification result
Billing address Billing address
Billing address distance Distance between IP and billing locations
Browser User agent and accept language HTTP headers
CVV Card security code result
Chargeback Chargeback data and IP address
Country High risk country associations
Country mismatch Mismatches between billing country, shipping country, IIN country, and IP address country
Email address High risk email associations
Email domain Email domain
Email tenure Tenure of customer on email domain
IIN IIN / region mismatch or merchant specific risk for IIN
IP tenure Tenure of customer on IP address
Order amount Merchant specific order amount
Phone number Telephone number
Shipping address distance Distance between shipping address and IP address location
Time of day Local time of day of the transaction in the IP address location
Price per query $0.030

Purchase of minFraud Factors queries contingent on review of your use case.

Review a detailed description of request and response data points

In addition to the technical information required to integrate the minFraud Factors service, the minFraud API documentation provides a detailed description of each minFraud request and response data field.

Review the minFraud API

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