minFraud Feature Comparison

The minFraud Standard and Premium services output similar data and differ only in the detail associated with their bank identification number (BIN) outputs. The Standard service will verify that the BIN country, name, and phone match the information inputted by the customer in generating the riskScore. The Premium service checks that these factors match and also outputs the BIN country, name, phone, and whether the card is prepaid. The BIN phone can be used to call the bank and verify cardholder details.

Both services accept the same inputs and can incorporate device tracking. For technical details on the input and output fields, including device tracking, see the minFraud service API.

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Output field Standard Service Premium Service
IP address checks
Country Match
High Risk Country
Distance between IP and billing locations
City Name
Region Code
Region Name
Country Code
Country Name
Continent Code
US Postal Code
Time Zone
AS Number
User Type
Connection Type (formerly Netspeed)
Domain Name
Accuracy Radius
Country Confidence Factor
Region Confidence Factor
City Confidence Factor
Postal Code Confidence Factor
Proxy Detection
Anonymous Proxy
Open Proxy
Corporate Proxy
Email Checks
Free Email
High Risk Email
Issuing Bank Number (BIN) Checks
BIN Country Match
BIN Country Output
BIN Name Match
BIN Name Output
BIN Phone Match
BIN Phone Output
BIN Prepaid Output
Address Check
High-risk shipping address
Risk Score
Risk Score
Pricing Information
Cost per query $0.005 $0.015