Welcome to the MaxMind - Sitecore Integrated Service

MaxMind is a leading provider of geolocation information, which includes information such as country, city, and organization. Sitecore is a leading experience management platform of content and digital marketing. Together, the MaxMind and Sitecore solution provides extensive and up-to-date website visitor experience analytics and marketing automation.

Sitecore provides its Customer Experience Platform on a software licensing basis. MaxMind's GeoIP service is available as a data service, sold on a per-query basis.

To take advantage of this breakthrough combination solution:

  1. Customer first licenses and purchases Sitecore software,
  2. Customer then signs up and purchases queries with MaxMind.

MaxMind provides the queries as a web service over the internet directly to the end customer's Sitecore software, which will initiate the query request automatically behind the scenes. The integrated service then automatically uses the GeoIP data combined with the Sitecore CXP to provide extensive and useful reporting presented through the Sitecore user interface and reporting engine.

Please note: To simplify your experience, MaxMind is transitioning geolocation services to Sitecore. Open a new account, transfer queries and work directly with Sitecore to obtain geolocation services starting May 4th and no later than June 30th to avoid interruption in service. Contact your Sitecore Account Manager beginning May 4th for more details.

MaxMind-Sitecore Integrated Web Service Pricing

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