MaxMind - Sitecore Integrated Service

MaxMind is a leading provider of geolocation information, which includes information such as country, city, and organization. Sitecore is a leading experience management platform of content and digital marketing. MaxMind and Sitecore have offered an integrated solution that provides extensive and up-to-date website visitor experience analytics and marketing automation.

Sitecore provides its Customer Experience Platform on a software licensing basis. MaxMind's GeoIP service is available as a data service, sold on a per-query basis.

To simplify your customer experience, MaxMind is transitioning the sale of geolocation services to Sitecore. You can now purchase queries directly from Sitecore. MaxMind will continue the sale of Sitecore-specific queries through August 31, although all accounts must be transferred to Sitecore by September 30 to avoid interruption of service.

For more information on how to open a Sitecore geolocation account and transfer your queries, click here or contact your Sitecore Account Manager.

MaxMind-Sitecore Integrated Web Service Pricing

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