IP Geolocation and Intelligence Databases and Web Services

Leverage the power of GeoIP® data to gain a deeper understanding of your online visitors and tailor their experience.

Personalize location-specific content and ads, analyze web traffic, and optimize internet routing. Obtain valuable insights into connection speeds, ISPs, and more. GeoIP data is available in multiple formats, easily integrated into existing systems, applications, and workflows.

Databases hosted on a local server, accessed on a laptop, and available around the globe

GeoIP Databases

Access GeoIP data as a database that you can host locally. Eliminate network latency and per-query charges. The databases offer valuable data points for a variety of use cases, and are updated regularly.

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Three people at different locations, using a laptop, desktop computer, and a tablet, connected to the internet, and accessing information

GeoIP Web Services

Access our most accurate GeoIP data available, hosted, maintained, and updated regularly on secure MaxMind servers. Available through an API with a 99.99% uptime for 9 years straight, with low latency and high reliability.

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Multiple people managing, accessing, and organizing data on the internet as part of an enterprise

GeoIP Enterprise Database

A comprehensive solution tailored for today’s enterprise. Access highly accurate and in-depth geolocation data, for content personalization targeted advertising, and compliance. Access all the information available in our standard database, plus confidence data for location values, and the user type associated with an IP address such as business, residential, cellular, traveler, government entity, and more. The database is available in multiple formats and can be integrated into various applications and systems.

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A person on a laptop accessing information, including a database and customizable settings

GeoLite Free IP Geolocation Data

Access IP geolocation databases and web services free of charge. Our free GeoLite services have the same integration steps as our paid databases and web services, making it extremely easy to upgrade to our paid data.

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Did you know?

If you’re building an integration or application that uses MaxMind’s GeoIP for IP geolocation and proxy detection, or MaxMind’s minFraud services for fraud detection, you can apply to become a MaxMind affiliate and earn a commission from customers you refer.

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