Donaciones corporativas

MaxMind y su fundador donan voluntariamente más del 50 % de las ganancias corporativas a instituciones de beneficencia.

Farm Animal Welfare

Inhumane factory farms emphasise profitability above all else, causing many farm animals to live in extreme discomfort and confinement. Factory farms place a significant toll on the environment. They also pose a risk to public health due to the overuse of antibiotics on farm animals contributing to antibiotic resistance in humans and from potential zoonotic disease outbreaks such as the bird flu. We donate to charities that advocate for more humane treatment of farm animals and reduced meat consumption.

We support the Animal Advocacy Research Fund at Animal Charity Evaluators. We also support the Good Food Institute to develop tastier and more affordable meat alternatives and international advocacy at Animal Equality.

Improved Access to Contraceptives

Family Planning is considered one of the "four pillars" of safe motherhood for reducing high maternal mortality rates in developing countries. Pregnancies that are planned and spaced at least two years apart result in reduced infant and maternal mortality. Worldwide, approximately 300,000 women die every year from pregnancy or childbirth-related complications.

We help fund:


Schistosomiasis (aka bilharzia or "snail fever") ranks second only to malaria as the world's most harmful parasitic disease in terms of impact. It's transmitted by contact with fresh water inhabited by snails carrying parasitic flatworms.

We are helping fund the PMA2020 study in Uganda to inform ongoing schistosomiasis control programs. We are also funding a Schistosomiasis Prevention Communication Campaign in Uganda using mass media to raise awareness of how to prevent infection. The PMA2020 survey will measure the impact of that campaign.

Universal Salt Iodization

Iodine deficiency affects millions of people and is the leading preventable cause of intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as goiters. Children are some of the most severely affected, often suffering irreversible cognitive impairment. Fortifying salt with iodine improves cognitive development in iodine deficient children – and it only costs a few cents per person, per year.

MaxMind is a partner of the Iodine Global Network and a proud supporter of their goal to achieve optimal iodine nutrition worldwide.

Find a Charity That's Right for You

It's never an easy decision to support one group over another. However, if you are interested in supporting global health and development, we recommend GiveWell as a place to start your research. For a list of charities that cover a wider range of causes, you may want to review the Open Philanthropy Project's suggestions for individual donors.