Proxy Detection Service

Proxy identification is an important component of online fraud detection applications. Fraudsters use proxies to hide their true IP addresses, thus concealing their actual location and bypassing geolocation checks. Proxy detection helps identify transactions associated with such evasive action.

MaxMind's Proxy Detection service provides a proxyScore to help identify IP addresses that are considered high risk. Use this score to single out IP addresses with known fraudster activity.


Proxy Detection customers have the option of implementing a Device Tracking Add-on in order to receive more accurate scores. The Device Tracking Add-on allows MaxMind to follow devices as they move across networks and enhances the ability of the Proxy Detection service to identify high risk proxies. If a fraudster changes proxies while they are browsing a website or between visits to a particular website with the Device Tracking Add-on, the MaxMind Proxy Detection service will return a higher proxyScore.

Proxy Detection サービスは、与えられた IP アドレスに対し次のようなデータ要素を返します:

データ要素 説明
proxyScore IP アドレスが匿名プロキシサーバーか公開プロキシサーバーかを示します。

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