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Resumo do produto: Look up the second level domain names associated with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The database would include "" or "" but not the full domain "". The database returns a sample second level domain name from the /24 netblock to which an IP address belongs. Thus it only returns the correct data if the second level domain name is the same across the entire /24 netblock. The database contains approximately 63,000 second level domain names.

The Internet Systems Consortium offers a more complete domain name database (Domain Survey Dataset) with the full domain name for every IP address.

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Downloadable Database: $100 for site license, includes first month of updates. Updates are available for $24.

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Monthly billing: $100 for the first month and $24 for each month thereafter.

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Annual billing: $364 for the first year and $288 for each year thereafter.

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Formatos disponíveis

Esse banco de dados está disponível nos seguintes formatos:

  • Formato MMDB binário do GeoIP2
  • Valores separados por vírgula do GeoIP2

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