minFraud Service Comparison

Know the risk of a transaction with a single query

The minFraud services provide real-time fraud analysis, post-query alerts, and data points to inform manual review and custom rule creation.

Get real-time fraud detection based on:

  • Verificações de geolocalização
  • IP address, device, and email risk analysis
  • Credit card information
  • Transaction data
  • minFraud Network reputational analysis

Each minFraud service builds on the risk assessment parameters provided by minFraud Score. Learn more and select the right service for your business.


minFraud Score provides the risk assessment of the transaction with the riskScore and the IP address risk as expressed in the IP Risk Score.

Use minFraud Score to assess risk with these data points or use it as part of your own risk modeling.


minFraud Insights provides a wide range of data points in addition to the riskScore and the IP Risk Score.

Use minFraud Insights to score transactions and to get the data points you need for manual review, advanced rule creation, and internal risk modeling.


O minFraud Factors fornece detalhes sobre os componentes específicos usados para determinar o riskScore. Essas subpontuações ajudam a compreender como chegamos a um riskScore para uma determinada transação.

Such detail on the factors contributing to the riskScore help you better assess the risk of a transaction as part of manual review. Use subscores as parameters in rules to disposition transactions, or as part of internal risk modeling.

In addition to the subscores, minFraud Factors includes all the data of minFraud Insights.

Learn about minFraud Factors

minFraud Service feature comparison

Resultados Score Insights Factors
Classificação de risco de IP
Verificações de endereço IP
Confidence factors
Email checks
Financial institution checks
Address & phone checks
High risk shipping address
GeoIP Precision Insights
ID do dispositivo
AVS Address verification result
Endereço de cobrança Billing address
Billing address distance Distance between IP and billing locations
Navegador User agent and accept language HTTP headers
Estorno Chargeback data and IP address
País High risk country associations
Desencontro de países Mismatches between billing country, shipping country, IIN country, and IP address country
CVV Card security code result
Endereço de e-mail High risk email associations
Domínio de e-mail Email domain
Posse do e-mail Tenure of customer on email domain
IIN IIN / region mismatch or merchant specific risk for IIN
Posse do IP Tenure of customer on IP address
Valor do pedido Merchant specific order amount
Número de telefone Telephone number
Shipping address distance Distance between shipping address and IP address location
Hora do dia Local time of day of the transaction in the IP address location
Price per query $0.005 $0.015 $0.030*

* Purchase of minFraud Factors queries contingent on review of your use case. Learn more about minFraud Factors.

Review a detailed description of request and response data points

In addition to the technical information required to integrate the minFraud service, the minFraud API documentation provides a detailed description of each minFraud request and response data field.

Review the minFraud API

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