GeoIP2 ISP 数据库

Online pricing of the GeoIP databases is meant for internal Restricted Business purposes only. Use in support of a commercial product requires the purchase of a commercial license. Refer to the licensing overview for more information.

产品摘要: Determine the Internet Service Provider, organization name, and autonomous system organization and number associated with an IP address.

The organization name is available for about 40% of corporate, government, and educational networks. In situations where we are not able to identify a specific business entity, we return the ISP name instead of the name of the business.

To access our most comprehensive organization data, use the GeoIP2 Precision: City or Insights service. These identify the organization associated with a business IP address in 10% more instances.


Do I Need a Commercial Site License?

Downloadable Database: $100 for site license, includes first month of updates. Updates are available for $24.


Monthly billing: $100 for the first month and $24 for each month thereafter.

You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Annual billing: $364 for the first year and $288 for each year thereafter.


  • 每周更新 上次更新: 2019-01-15
  • 站点许可证 可在购买机构的所有机器上使用。
  • 美国境内ISP名称的准确率大约为95%。 根据不同国家,美国之外的准确率在50%到80%之间。 通常,互联网用户较多的国家的数据更为准确。
  • 包括下列字段: ( 技术细节 )
    • ISP名称
    • 机构名称
    • 自治系统号
    • 自治系统机构
  • 为多数常用语言提供开放源代码的API
  • 可提供自动更新



  • GeoIP2二进制MMDB格式
  • GeoIP2逗号分隔值

备注:MaxMind 不再为新的购买附送 GeoIP Legacy 数据库的使用权。新客户请考虑购买 GeoIP2 的服务和数据库。


备注:该数据也是GeoIP2 Precision City和Insights服务的一部分。了解更多情况及购买。