Phone Identification API and Service Rates

We provide automated access to our Telephone Number Identification (TNI) service using the HTTP protocol. This page describes the URLs and input and output fields for the TNI service.

While you can write your own code to access the HTTP service, we recommend using our PHP, Perl, Java, ASP and .NET APIs.


Secure (HTTPS)

  • Server:

Regular (HTTP)

  • Server:

A sample query is listed below:

Any plus sign '+' must be URL escaped. That is you should replace '+' with '%2B' in PHONE_NUMBER.


Field Description
phone Required Telephone number. For international numbers, be sure to include the leading "+" sign followed by the country code.
l Required License Key Obtain my license key


Field Format Description
phoneType 1 digit code Code indicating the type of phone number (See code list)
refid 16 digit string Reference ID generated by MaxMind that references this phone ID request
err Human-readable string Error string
city String 城市
state String 状态
zip String Zipcode
countryname String Country name
latitude Decimal number 纬度
longitude Decimal number 经度