• Thomas Mather,创始人兼CEO

    Thomas Mather,创始人兼CEO

    在创建MaxMind前,Thomas Mather是Longtitude公司的一名软件工程师,协助开发一套同注分彩衍生品拍卖系统。他热衷于改善MaxMind的欺诈检测技术。他热爱MaxMind的哪些特点?能够在一个软件即服务的环境中迅速部署并看到改进的成效。


  • Jason Ketola,运营副总裁

    Jason Ketola,运营副总裁

    作为运营副总,Jason Ketola是MaxMind成功与发展不可或缺的一部分。他的职责包括寻找可以改善流程的领域、监督规管与法律方面的合规以及开发并维护MaxMind的安全项目。他在MaxMind产品开发、业务发展、客户服务以及人力资源等方面的管理经验为他现在的工作带来广阔的洞察力。他热爱MaxMind鼓励所有员工贡献自己观点、哪怕他人持有异议的文化。

    对于Jason,公司文化的核心构成部分是和而不同与积极对话。如果他能够与一位名人面对面,那将是喜剧演员Norm MacDonald。Jason选择Norm的原因:问问他的主意从何而来。

  • Jennifer Sessler,业务发展主管

    Jennifer Sessler,业务发展总监

    在经营自己的律所多年后,Jenn的周围现在全是大数据——而不再是大词汇。借助自己的法律背景,她为MaxMind 打造关键的业务关系,从而提高公司的市场位置和声望。Jenn具有丰富的商家防欺诈知识,曾经为BigDeal.com创建并实施一套非常成功的防欺诈管理模式。凭借这份经验,她与产品团队直接合作,界定MaxMind的minFraud产品。


  • David Robbins,产品主管

    David Robbins,产品总监

    David持有计算机科学与商业管理方面的学位,在产品管理、营销及网络开发方面具有丰富的知识和经验。在加入MaxMind之前,David Robbins曾在多家私人注资的高增长组织任职。


  • Katy Levine, Director, Client Support

    Katy Levine, Director of Client Support

    Katy works hands-on with clients to provide timely solutions to a wide array of product issues. Her previous work in the areas of marketing and support at an online retailer offered firsthand experience with the frustration of fraud in an e-commerce environment. Katy most appreciates the witty banter of her colleagues as well as the company's supportive culture and firmly believes that empathy is the key to exceptional client support.

    When she's not in front of the computer, Katy spends much of her time enjoying nature, nature photography, and creating music with FL Studio or GarageBand. Katy is also a talented cook and baker. In MaxMind's first-ever company bake-off in 2014, she won first place in two categories.

  • Beth Jacobsen, Director of Development

    Beth Jacobsen, Director of Development

    Beth is responsible for overseeing the software development of MaxMind solutions. She believes that great software is a result of hard work and a desire to build for the customer first, and has collaborated with engineering teams around the world to deliver quality performance solutions for many markets and customers.

    Growing up in a family of teachers, Beth learned early the importance of education throughout one’s life, as both a student and instructor. In fact, her motto is derived from a quote attributed to Michelangelo: “Ancora imparo” (I am still learning). One of her recent favorite non-technical classes was History of the World since 1300. Prior to joining MaxMind, Beth lived and worked in Hyderabad, a major center for technology in India, and loved the people and culture there.

  • Cindy Barry, E-commerce Fraud Detection Analyst Manager

    Cindy Barry, E-commerce Fraud Detection Analyst Manager

    With over 25 years of experience analyzing and managing fraud with a Fortune 500 company, Cindy brings a wealth of enterprise-level knowledge and skill to MaxMind. She’s recognized internationally for her expertise in building fraud teams and implementing online fraud tools, and has won awards for her solutions. Her favorite part about working for MaxMind is collaborating with a team that is passionate about discovering fraud patterns and dedicated to saving money for our clients.

    In her free time, Cindy enjoys sharing adventures with her family. Fishing the Green River and panhandling for gold in Nevada are some of the interesting things they’ve done together. She is also a HUGE fan of the movie Jane Eyre, and has seen every version. But her absolute favorite is the 1943 classic starring Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine.