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Whether you’re extending your platform or building an integration for an existing platform, MaxMind has a range of options for your customers and users, from our free GeoLite data to our Premium GeoIP® web service. Build tools for IP geolocation, network analysis, or fraud detection, and receive 10% of the lifetime revenue of all new customers that you refer.1

IP intelligence for your applications

Create applications or integrations that draw on MaxMind’s IP intelligence data including IP geolocation down to the postal code level, network information, proxy detection, and user context data. Enable use of local databases, and automate updates with our GeoIP Update tool, or integrate with our GeoIP web services for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting. Whether you integrate using databases, web services, or both, you can offer your users a free option with our GeoLite data.

Learn more about our products and services containing IP geolocation data and IP intelligence data on our Knowledge Base.

Fraud detection tools for your users

Help users protect their online transactions from payments to account registrations/logins and more with our minFraud® web services. Offer your users three tiers of protection:

All minFraud services come with custom inputs, custom rules, and a transaction disposition system that will allow you to build plugins that automatically accept, reject, or mark transactions for review.

1The 10% commission is calculated on qualified purchases for new referred customers as set forth in the Master Campaign Agreement and according to the associated terms found in the affiliate sign up form.

Support for you,
Support for your users

MaxMind makes it easy to develop, with comprehensive tutorials, client APIs in most major languages for our databases and web services, and full documentation of our REST API schema for our web services.

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As MaxMind customers, your users will have access to our support resources, to answer questions about how to interpret and troubleshoot issues with our data. When your users are MaxMind customers, they have access to:

Our knowledge base
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Our data corrections team
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Our support team
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