Site License Overview

This page summarizes the rights and restrictions for the downloadable GeoIP2 databases and legacy GeoIP databases (collectively, GeoIP Databases). Please review the MaxMind End User License Agreement (EULA) for the complete license.

How you may use the GeoIP Data

  • You may, as the company agreeing to MaxMind's EULA, use the GeoIP data and GeoIP Databases. Separate entities, such as affiliates or subsidiaries, must purchase their own site licenses from MaxMind.
  • You may install and use multiple copies of the GeoIP Databases on multiple computers as long as the databases are accessible only by you and your employees.
  • You may access and use the GeoIP Database solely for Internal Restricted Business Purposes such as content customization, fraud prevention, and geographic reporting.

For all other licensing/use cases, please contact

How you may not use the GeoIP Data

  • GeoIP Data may not be stored in a way that is accessible or searchable by anyone other than you and your employees.
  • You may not use the GeoIP Data in connection with a product or service for sale or distribution to third parties, including customizing or targeting content on behalf of third parties.
  • You may not use the GeoIP Data to provide Geolocation Functionality to your online platform business that enables or facilitates matching between third parties.
  • You may not use the GeoIP Data for models or decision-making process for a fraud detection or similar service offered to third parties, regardless of whether end users of the service and other third parties are able to view or otherwise access the GeoIP data.
  • You may not share the GeoIP Data or GeoIP Databases with third parties. Examples of sharing the data include (1) displaying geolocation pairing information ("this IP address, XXX.XX.XX.XX, originates from New York City, NY, USA"); or (2) displaying the geolocation data in aggregate ("1000 IP addresses originated in New York City").

Please see MaxMind End User License Agreement for full list of restrictions.

To obtain a commercial or redistribution license, please email Alternatively, you may license our GeoIP2 web services for resale or redistribution or GeoLite2 Database for redistribution.

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