Submit GeoIP Data Corrections

MaxMind accepts data correction request submissions. If you believe that the IP geolocation or other data we have associated with an IP address is incorrect, you can submit a correction request. If you are submitting a correction request for your own IP address, you can confirm our data for your IP address using our Locate My IP Address. You can also check our data for any IP address using the GeoIP2 City Plus web service IP lookup demo.

Use the following forms to submit your correction request:

Correction status

We will send you a confirmation email if your correction request is accepted. We only send one email to confirm a correction request has been accepted per 24 hour period, so if you have several corrections accepted you will only receive a confirmation for the first accepted correction.

We ask that you please allow 1-2 business days for submitted requests to be reviewed by our team.

Batch corrections

If you have more than 20 location corrections, we may accept a batch corrections file (.csv or .txt file) that conforms to the specifications outlined by the Internet Engineering Task Force. We've published a tool that validates the format of the file, according to these specifications, on our GitHub page.

Please email us at if you'd like to submit a batch correction.

Corrections we do not accept

We do not accept all data correction requests. Some common reasons that we may not accept a correction request include:

Corrections schedule

When we accept a data correction, it is usually included in the next possible release of our databases:

Data Correction Submitted Corrections Ready for Release
By end of business hours on Friday The following Tuesday
By end of business hours on Wednesday The following Friday

Once a data correction is ready for release, it will be included in the next regularly scheduled update of our GeoIP2 databases. You can see our database release schedule on our knowledge base.