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Access, download, and locally host GeoIP databases, backed by continuous updates and rigorous quality control processes.

Your IP Address
Postal Code
Approximate Latitude / Longitude*, and Accuracy Radius
ISP / Organization
Connection Type
The coordinates are not precise and should not be used to identify a particular street address or household. To better represent a level of accuracy, you must include the Accuracy Radius (km) when displaying latitude and longitude and make it clear that the coordinates refer to a larger geographical area instead of a precise location.

Beyond geolocation

GeoIP databases offer a wide range of data points, including time zone, ISP, connection type, and more. Leverage this data to create personalized user experiences, target specific audiences, and streamline operations.

Popular use cases for our GeoIP databases

Personalize services
Comply with regulations
Manage digital rights
Enhance the user experience
Heighten online security
Detect proxy users
Servers with geographic locations around the globe sending data to computers

Why MaxMind?

Trusted by businesses for 20+ years, we created GeoIP and cover 99.9999% of IP addresses in use.

Flexible Integration

Compatible with a wide range of platforms and programming languages, making integration seamless.

Perfect for high volume environments

Host our databases locally to eliminate network latency and per-query charges, with the freedom to perform thousands of queries with a convenient flat subscription fee.

Global Coverage

Whether your business operates locally, nationally, or internationally, our databases provide coverage worldwide.

Support when you need it

Our dedicated support team and extensive online resources mean help is there when you need it.

Downloadable databases for businesses and integrators

Available Formats
MaxMind’s databases are available in our MMDB format or as CSV files
Update Frequency
Databases are updated twice weekly with automated updates available
Site License
Allows for internal business use on all machines within purchasing organization
Open Source APIs
GeoName IDs
For localization and pairing outside data

Plans and Pricing

Choose the right plan for your business with this detailed breakdown of each data point

Need more technical details? Visit our developer portal.

Looking for a ready-to-use API solution?

MaxMind’s GeoIP web services, our most accurate IP geolocation and intelligence service, is hosted on secure MaxMind servers for low latency and high availability, with a 99.99% uptime. Access the GeoIP web services and start utilizing them with minimal effort.

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