GeoIP2 Precision Services

Our most accurate data

Our GeoIP2 Precision Services offer industry-leading IP intelligence data, updated weekly, available through your choice of an easy to use API or batch file upload interface while the GeoIP2 Precision: Proxy Detection service provides a riskScore associated with an IP address by detecting and identifying both anonymous and open proxies.

The GeoIP2 Precision Services contain our most accurate data, geolocating 5% more IPs to postal codes and 2% more IPs to cities in the United States than the GeoIP2 Databases.

Country City Insights
Registered Country
Represented Country
Anonymous Proxy
Satellite Provider
Localized Names
Postal Code
Metro Code (US only)
Time Zone
AS Number & Organization
Accuracy Radius
Confidence Factors
User Type
Price $0.0001 per query* $0.0004 per query* $0.002 per query*
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Additional Services

May be used either in conjunction with GeoIP2 Precision Country, City, or Insights or as a standalone solution.

Service Proxy Detection
Application Identifies IP addresses used as proxies
Output IP risk (Assessed risk that IP address is a proxy.)
Price $0.005 per query*
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* Discounts available for volume at the $2,500/month or higher level. Please contact to discuss.