GeoIP2 Precision Services

Our most accurate data

Our GeoIP2 Precision Services offer industry-leading IP intelligence data, updated weekly, available through your choice of an easy to use API or batch file upload interface while the GeoIP2 Precision: Proxy Detection service provides a riskScore associated with an IP address by detecting and identifying both anonymous and open proxies.

The GeoIP2 Precision Services contain our most accurate data, geolocating 9% more IPs to postal codes and 4% more IPs to cities in the United States than the GeoIP2 Databases. In addition, both the City and Insights services identify the organization associated with a business IP address in 10% more instances.

Country City Insights
Registered Country
Represented Country
Anonymous Proxy
Satellite Provider
Localized Names
Postal Code
Metro Code (US only)
Time Zone
Approximate Latitude/Longitude
Accuracy Radius
AS Number & Organization
Confidence Factors
User Type
Average Income (US Only)
Population Density (US Only)
Price $0.0001 per query* $0.0004 per query* $0.002 per query*
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Additional Services

May be used either in conjunction with GeoIP2 Precision Country, City, or Insights or as a standalone solution.

Service Proxy Detection
Application Identifies IP addresses used as proxies
Output IP risk (Assessed risk that IP address is a proxy.)
Price $0.005 per query*
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* Discounts available for volume at the $2,500/month or higher level. Please contact to discuss.