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minFraud riskScore

We do the analysis so you don't have to

The minFraud scoring engine evaluates the inputs you provide against over 2 billion scored transactions in the minFraud network. It draws on machine learning as well as years of human insight to provide a riskScore you can trust.

Assess transaction risk with a single data point

The riskScore reflects analysis of a broad range of possible signs of fraud:

  • Geolocation checks use the IP address to find suspicious pairings of user location with address and IIN information.
  • Proxy detection features assess the risk associated with the IP address.
  • Transaction history supports reputation checks for street addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and devices.

The riskScore enables you to conserve your manual review resources. Accept orders which receive a low riskScore, reject orders which receive a high riskScore, and manually review all other transactions.

Empower your business to take immediate action to avoid chargebacks

The minFraud Network continues to monitor data associated with your transactions. If minFraud detects risky activity where there was none before, you receive an alert in real-time. Use this information to stop shipments and avoid chargebacks.

You can sign up to receive an alert email or set an alert URL from your account portal.

Identify proxies and high risk IP addresses

Every transaction on your website originates from an IP address. When evaluating transactions such as account registrations, referrals from affiliates, or app downloads, the IP address may be all you have to assess risk.

The IP Risk Score indicates how likely it is that the IP address is associated with high risk transactions. Like the riskScore, the IP Risk Score is based on data from the minFraud network.

Get both the riskScore and IP Risk Score with any of the minFraud services

Each minFraud service builds on the risk assessment provided by the minFraud riskScore and IP Risk Score. Learn more and select the right service for your business.

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