GeoIP2 Anonymous IP Database

The GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database contains information about IP address networks which are used as various forms of anonymizers.

If an IP address is likely used by an anonymizing service, the database indicates the probable anonymizer type:

Anonymizer Type Description
Anonymizing VPN services These services offer users a publicly accessible VPN for the purpose of hiding their IP address.
Tor Exit Nodes The Tor Project is an open network used by those who wish to maintain anonymity.
Hosting Providers/Data Center Since hosting providers and data centers can serve to provide anonymity, the Anonymous IP database flags IP addresses associated with them.
Public Proxies These are proxies that are available for free and publicly posted.

Use the GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database to support the following business requirements:

  • Geofiltering for licensing. Confirm that the customer location meets requirements for accessing licensed content.

    For example, use the GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database to confirm customers are within the licensed service area to receive streamed media.

  • Geofencing for compliance. Provide information to help determine if the customer location is in compliance with legal requirements for online gaming sites.

    Online gaming businesses can use the GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database to assist them in blocking users from playing in locations, or accessing from locations, they cannot legally serve.

  • Geotargeting and ad serving. Support accurate serving of local or hyper-local advertising.

    Advertising campaigns can use the GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database to confirm that geography specific ads are delivered to targeted locations only, reducing the overall cost of the campaign while increasing its efficiency.

  • For more information, including terms and pricing, our Enterprise Business Support team is here to answer your questions.

    Product Features

    • Updated daily
    • Contains 94+ million anonymous IPv4 addresses
    • IPv6 coverage for all anonymizer types
    • Automated updates available

    Available Formats

    This database is available in the following formats:

    • GeoIP2 binary MMDB format
    • GeoIP2 comma-separated values
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