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minFraud® Fraud Detection Services

Tools for online fraud prevention

Prevent online fraud, cut chargebacks, and reduce manual review using minFraud services.

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Industry leading IP intelligence

Use GeoIP intelligence for content personalization, ad targeting, traffic analysis, digital rights management, and more.

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  • The Easy Way to Use MaxMind GeoIP with Redshift

    The Easy Way to Use MaxMind GeoIP with Redshift

    by TJ Murphy – You know Google Analytics has traffic by geographic location, but that’s not gonna cut it. If you want to report on those retention rates, lifetime values, or repeat behaviors by geo, you need something you can query with SQL, something that lives in your data warehouse. But you don’t have anything like that. You know there’s user IP addresses in your log data, you just need to turn them into locations.

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  • IP Geolocation in the IPv6 World

    IP Geolocation in the IPv6 World

    We get a lot of questions here at MaxMind about IPv6, and it’s not hard to imagine why. Accuracy is top of mind for every user of IP geolocation and this topic introduces questions about how effective geolocation can be for certain user segments. In this post, we explain a key reason for IPv6 addresses, how they’re allocated, and provide information about IPv6 geolocation accuracy.

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  • Types of Anonymous IPs and How They Affect Your Business

    Types of Anonymous IPs and How They Affect Your Business

    Anonymous IP addresses (sometimes generalized as “proxies”) serve to hide a web user’s true IP address and obfuscate their geolocation. There are legitimate reasons, usually related to privacy or security, to use anonymous IPs, but many businesses find that fraudsters and other bad actors also use anonymous IPs in malicious ways that affect the bottom line.

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