MaxMind Leadership

  • Thomas Mather, Founder and CEO

    Thomas Mather, Founder and CEO

    Before founding MaxMind, Thomas Mather worked as a software engineer at Longitude, where he helped develop a system for parimutuel derivative auctions. His passion lies in improving MaxMind's fraud detection technology. What does he love about MaxMind? Being able to quickly deploy and see the effects of improvements in a software as a service environment.

    When he's not busy using data analysis to help detect fraud, Thomas enjoys gardening. He is also a smoothie junkie. The most exciting places he's ever been? The Fruit and Spice Park in Florida, as well as The New York Botanical Garden.

  • Jason Ketola, Vice President of Operations

    Jason Ketola, Vice President of Operations

    As VP of Operations, Jason Ketola is an integral part of the success and growth of MaxMind. His position involves finding areas for process improvements, overseeing regulatory and legal compliance, and developing and maintaining MaxMind's security program. His prior experience managing each of product development, business development, customer service, and human resources at MaxMind gives him broad insight in this work. He loves that MaxMind encourages all of our employees to contribute their ideas, even when others disagree.

    For Jason, respectful dissent and engaged dialogue are core components to the company's culture. If he could meet one celebrity, it would be comedian Norm MacDonald. Jason's reason for choosing Norm: to ask where he gets his ideas.

  • David Robbins, Director, Product

    David Robbins, Director of Product

    With degrees in Computer Science and Business Management, David has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Product Management, Marketing and Web Development. Before he joined MaxMind, David Robbins worked for a number of privately funded, high growth organizations.

    His favorite part of working at MaxMind is the opportunity to work at a smaller company and help it grow. As a solution driven individual, David enjoys contributing to a company that helps its customers be more profitable. Apart from solving problems, David is a huge Boston Red Sox fan and a generally avid baseball fan, having been to games at 14 of the 30 current Major League Baseball stadiums plus an additional 4 retired stadiums.

  • Jennifer Sessler, Director, Business Development

    Jennifer Sessler, Director of Business Development

    After running her own law firm for many years, Jenn now surrounds herself with big data instead of big words. She uses her legal background to improve MaxMind's market position and prominence by building key business relationships. Jenn has extensive merchant-side fraud knowledge having authored and implemented's successful fraud management model. She uses this experience to work directly with the product team to define the MaxMind minFraud products.

    We bet you didn't know that in ninth grade, Jenn won a computer proficiency award for coding a math game. Her passion for online fraud detection is only rivaled by her love of Broadway musicals. Go ahead - try and stump her - she knows them ALL!

  • Katy Levine, Director, Client Support

    Katy Levine, Director of Client Support

    Katy works hands-on with clients to provide timely solutions to a wide array of product issues. Her previous work in the areas of marketing and support at an online retailer offered firsthand experience with the frustration of fraud in an e-commerce environment. Katy most appreciates the witty banter of her colleagues as well as the company’s supportive culture and firmly believes that empathy is the key to exceptional client support.

    When she’s not in front of the computer, she spends most of her time enjoying nature photography and cooking or baking. In MaxMind’s first-ever company bake-off in 2014, Katy won both categories and looks forward to the next bake-off with her team.