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minFraud Custom Inputs

Get more information from your minFraud queries with Custom Inputs

Custom Inputs are customer-definable parameters which may be sent as part of a minFraud query. With Custom Inputs, you can build Custom Rules and review transaction details specific to the fraud you are facing.

Custom Inputs are provided to minFraud Score, minFraud Insights, or minFraud Factors customers at no additional cost. You can now:

  • Create Custom Inputs to include with your minFraud query
  • Design Custom Rules that target specific fraud behaviors and trends
  • Review Custom Inputs on the Transaction Details page
  • Deactivate and reactivate Custom Inputs as needed

Use Custom Inputs to create Custom Rules from data points important to you.

Custom Inputs can help you continually monitor fraud behavior and trends across your sales channels. We currently support Custom Inputs using the following data types: string, boolean, number, and phone number.

Adding Custom Inputs to your minFraud service can help in a number of ways:

  • Extend minFraud features to capture more transactional data
  • Use data points you define to automatically accept, reject, or send transactions to manual review
  • Enable fraud analyst review of custom data points in the context of minFraud data points
  • Increase your transactional flexibility for seasonal promotions