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minFraud Device Tracking

Dig Deeper with the Device Tracking Add-On

Fraudsters change email addresses, switch credit cards, and use VPNs to conceal illegitimate purchases. Yet even with these evasive actions, the device used for these transactions leaves a trail. Device Tracking follows that trail.

Device Tracking enables MaxMind to identify a device, collect information about it, and use that information to further refine the riskScore and IP Risk Score. For example, if a fraudster changes IP addresses while browsing your website, you will observe an increased IP Risk Score and riskScore in the minFraud output associated with the transactions. In addition, minFraud Insights provides the Device ID and associated outputs to enhance analysis during manual review.

Device Tracking set up

The Device Tracking Add-On is Javascript code for your e-commerce website. This script runs on a visiting device so that the minFraud service can assign a Device ID and begin collecting fingerprint information to report back to the minFraud Network. This enables the minFraud service to track the device's activity across the merchant's site and other merchant sites within the Network.

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