Purchase minFraud Services

Purchase the minFraud service by selecting the package below that best fits your needs. Queries do not expire. They will remain in your account until they are used.

minFraud Beta Packages

Participate in the minFraud beta and take advantage of special pricing for a limited time. We're offering special pricing for minFraud Insights during the beta period at $0.005 per query.

minFraud Score
$0.005 per query

Provides you with the riskScore and IP Risk Score

minFraud Insights
$0.015 per query / $0.005 during beta

Provides you with the riskScore, IP Risk Score and much more

minFraud Legacy Packages

Our original fraud detection service, minFraud Standard and Premium reduce chargebacks by identifying risky orders.

minFraud Standard
minFraud Premium