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minFraud Getting Started

Integrate minFraud into your workflow and stop fraudulent transactions

A minFraud service integrates with your ecommerce or transaction processing platform. You’ll need to set up an API so that your order information can be sent to minFraud for analysis and minFraud can return the data you need to assess transaction risk.

Purchase credit toward queries to set up and test the API. Then make an additional purchase to support your transaction volume. The credit in your account enables you to generate minFraud data for each order or transaction.

The minFraud Service Interfaces make it easy to incorporate risk analysis into your transaction workflow. To get started, visit our developer’s site.

Explore the minFraud API Review the data and configuration of the minFraud web service API. Learn more
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Implement Device Tracking for a better riskScore

Your transaction processing platform provides minFraud with transaction data, such as IP address, billing and shipping address, and order information. minFraud uses this data to analyze the risk of fraud for that transaction.

Tracking the device used to place an order or other transaction provides additional data that is useful in identifying fraud. Device tracking enables MaxMind to identify a device, collect information about it, and use that information to further refine the riskScore and IP Risk Score.

The Device Tracking Add-On is Javascript code for your e-commerce website. This script runs on a visiting device so that the minFraud service can assign a Device ID and begin collecting fingerprint information for use in detecting fraud.

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Get minFraud alerts and take action to avoid chargebacks

The minFraud Network continues to monitor data associated with your transactions. If the minFraud service detects risky activity where there was none before, you receive an alert in real-time. Use this information to stop shipments and avoid chargebacks.

Once you’ve created a customer account, you can sign up to receive an alert email or set an alert URL from your account portal.