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minFraud Overview

Reduce chargebacks and increase profitability with real-time fraud analysis

The minFraud service provides real-time fraud analysis, post-query alerts, and data points to inform manual review and custom rule creation.

The minFraud Network puts over 2 billion transactions to work for you

When using the minFraud service, you benefit from the extensive fraud data of the minFraud Network.

The minFraud Network represents over 2 billion transactions generated by global merchants ranging from independent online stores to Fortune 100 companies.

Choose a minFraud service to fit your needs

Use minFraud Score to get the bottom line; the transaction risk assessment of the riskScore and IP address risk as expressed in the IP Risk Score.

Use minFraud Score to assess transaction risk with these data points or use it as part of your own risk modeling.

How the riskScore works

Use minFraud Insights when you need a broad range of data points to help assess risk.

minFraud Insights provides detail for each transaction, including the results of geolocation analysis, IP and email risk assessment, and IIN checks.

minFraud Insights gives you the riskScore and IP Risk Score as well as a wide-range of outputs to support manual review.

Use minFraud Factors to learn more about how the riskScore was derived.

minFraud Factors provides a set of subscores used as part of the riskScore calculation. Such detail on contributing factors helps you better understand the reasons behind the riskScore.

For example, learn if the assessment of high risk for a transaction was influenced by a high risk email address and order amount, or some other combination of subscores.

In addition to details on the riskScore, minFraud Factors includes all of the data provided by minFraud Insights.

Learn more about Factors

Each minFraud service builds on the risk assessment provided by the minFraud riskScore and IP Risk Score. Learn more and select the right service for your business.

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