GeoIP2 ISP Database

Do I Need a Commercial Site License?

Online pricing of the GeoIP databases is meant for internal Restricted Business purposes only. Use in support of a commercial product requires the purchase of a commercial license. Refer to the licensing overview for more information.

Product Summary: Determine the Internet Service Provider, organization name, and autonomous system organization and number associated with an IP address.

The organization name is available for about 40% of corporate, government, and educational networks. In situations where we are not able to identify a specific business entity, we return the ISP name instead of the name of the business.

To access our most comprehensive organization data, use the GeoIP2 Precision: City or Insights service. These identify the organization associated with a business IP address in 10% more instances.

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Product Features

  • Updated twice weekly. Last updated: 2021-11-30
  • Site license allows use on all machines within purchasing organization
  • The ISP name is about 95% accurate in the US. Outside the US, the accuracy averages around 80%. The data is generally more accurate for countries with more Internet users.
  • Includes the following fields: ( Technical Details )
    • ISP Name
    • Organization Name
    • Autonomous System Number
    • Autonomous System Organization
  • Open Source APIs are available for most popular languages
  • Automated updates are available

Available Formats

This database is available in the following formats:

  • GeoIP2 binary MMDB format
  • GeoIP2 comma-separated values

Note: MaxMind no longer provides access to GeoIP Legacy databases with new purchases. New customers, please consider purchasing GeoIP2 services and databases.

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Note: This data is also available as part of the GeoIP2 Precision City and Insights services. Learn more and purchase.