GeoIP2 ISP Database

Do I Need a Commercial Site License?

Online pricing of the GeoIP databases is meant for internal Restricted Business purposes only. Use in support of a commercial product requires the purchase of a commercial license. Refer to the licensing overview for more information.

Product Summary: Determine the Internet Service Provider, organization name, mobile country code and mobile network code, and autonomous system organization and number associated with an IP address.

The organization name is available for about 40% of corporate, government, and educational networks. In situations where we are not able to identify a specific business entity, we return the ISP name instead of the name of the business.

To access our most comprehensive organization data, use the GeoIP2 City Plus or Insights web service. These identify the organization associated with a business IP address in 10% more instances.

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Product Features

  • Updated twice weekly. Last updated: 2023-03-28
  • Site license allows use on all machines within purchasing organization
  • The ISP name is about 95% accurate in the US. Outside the US, the accuracy averages around 80%. The data is generally more accurate for countries with more Internet users.
  • Includes the following fields: ( Technical Details )
    • ISP Name
    • Organization Name
    • Mobile Country Code
    • Mobile Network Code
    • Autonomous System Number
    • Autonomous System Organization
  • Open Source APIs are available for most popular languages
  • Automated updates are available

Available Formats

This database is available in the following formats:

  • GeoIP2 binary MMDB format
  • GeoIP2 comma-separated values

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Note: This data is also available as part of the GeoIP2 City Plus web service and Insights services. Learn more and purchase.