MaxMind License Agreement

This page summarizes the rights and restrictions for the downloadable GeoIP2 databases and legacy GeoIP databases (collectively, GeoIP Databases). Please review the MaxMind End User License Agreement (EULA) for the complete license.

How you may use the GeoIP Data

The MaxMind End User License Agreement (EULA) permits you to:
  • Install and use multiple copies of the GeoIP Databases on multiple computers as long as the databases are accessible only by you and your employees.
  • Access and use the GeoIP Databases, provided that devices outside your company cannot directly query or access the databases.
  • Use the GeoIP Data to provide IP geolocation functionality for your own internal Restricted Business purposes. Restricted Business purposes are limited to customizing website content, fraud prevention, geographic reporting and similar internal business purposes. Restricted Business purposes does not include providing IP geolocation functionality for applications or products accessible to anyone other than you or your employees.
  • For all other licensing/use cases, please contact

How you may not use the GeoIP Data

  • GeoIP Data may not be stored in a way that is accessible by anyone other than you and your employees.
  • You may not use the GeoIP Databases to develop a product or service for sale or distribution outside your company.
  • Please see MaxMind End User License Agreement for full list of restrictions.
  • To obtain a redistribution license, please email Alternatively, you may license our GeoIP2 Precision services for resale or redistribution.