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minFraud Inputs and Outputs

Transaction data tells a story. Use the data points provided by the minFraud service to find out what it is.

The minFraud service takes the transaction information you provide, and responds with the riskScore, IP Risk Score, and a broad range of data points you can use to assess the risk associated with that transaction.

  • Geolocation checks leverage over a decade of IP geolocation experience and knowledge to spot high risk countries and mismatches between billing, shipping, and IP address locations.
  • IP address checks use the data of the minFraud network to analyze the IP address associated with each transaction. It calculates an IP Risk Score for the transaction, helping identify high risk IPs, anonymizers, and compromised computers.
  • Device and email information from a transaction are used by the minFraud service as part of the riskScore calculation. This enables identification of transactions associated with higher risk devices or email addresses.
  • Credit card details are used by the minFraud service to determine discrepancies between the card information provided and the issuer identification data on file.

Take advantage of transaction data helpful in identifying specific types of fraud:

  • Track transactions referred by affiliates and address affiliate fraud
  • Provide shopping cart information to better track high risk orders
  • Indicate orders sent as gifts and including gift messages to identify triangulation fraud

Review a detailed description of request and response data points

In addition to the technical information required to integrate the minFraud service, the minFraud API documentation provides a detailed description of each minFraud request and response data field.

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